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Who are we!

The genesis of our name comes from the word Grizmo, meaning a specialised tech device catering to a unique purpose. Over the past few years, Grizmo has had the chance to superpower the organisational growth journeys of multiple international clients. At Grizmo, we are passionate about understanding the unique challenges that businesses face when it comes to hiring rich tech talent in the domestic market.

Our Services

Grizmo Overseas

Hiring in International Markets

Finding the most suitable tech talent from the international markets majorly focused in USA, UK, SEA and MENA regions

Grizmo HR Solutions

Partnering for end to end HR Needs

Providing an end to end HR solution for startups and help them in providing HR operation model

Grizmo Analytics

Recruitment Market Trends and Banchmarrking Strategies

Providing insights on the current market trends and the data insights for the competitor benchmarking anlysis

Grizmo Talent Scout

Retained Leadership Hiring Solution

Handpicked top talents that fit the leadership roles ensuring better retention and output

Grizmo Mploy

Mid Senior Level Contigent Hiring Solution

Grizmo focuses on technology hiring needs across top tech hiring companies in the global market

Grizmo Pro

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a solution that has enormous potential and focuses more on the project based hiring needs

Grizmo Process

We don’t just hear you, we listen to you!

We don’t just hear you, we listen to you!

We understand the inner workings of your business and truly immerse ourselves in comprehending your requirements.
We stay connected to you and to the talent!

We stay connected to you and to the talent!

We act as the bridge between you and the talent, in ascertaining the right fit and in cultivating the talent till the day they join you!
We leave no talent unturned!

We leave no talent unturned!

We unearth adept tech talents who are befitting to gratify each one of your unique business requirements.
We deliver your dreams at your doorstep!

We deliver your dreams at your doorstep!

We will be there until you find the right fit! Usher you until you find a talent that matches the DNA of your company!

Grizmo Culture

Share your brain space, we insist!

Honesty and transparency is your birthright!

Warmth Radiation 101

Be unparalleled!

Incentivization done right!

One size does not fit all!

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