Who we are

The genesis of our name comes from the word Grizmo, meaning a specialised tech device catering to a unique purpose. Over the past few years, Grizmo has had the chance to superpower the organisational growth journeys of multiple international clients. At Grizmo, we are passionate about understanding the unique challenges that businesses face when it comes to hiring rich tech talent in the domestic market.

We act as a compass for various organisations to get started on their journey that’s led by explosive growth! We are passionate about ensuring that businesses from around the world are able to find their footing in the Indian subcontinent. We make tech-hiring dreams come true by matching organisations with exceptional talent that align with their core values, culture and organisational DNA. 

Our Vision & Mission



To emerge as the singular global monarch of tech staffing, whilst doubling as a salient catalyst of business growth and furtherance.



Deliver unparalleled services to businesses by bringing in unsurpassable mastery and premier expertise in the tech recruitment domain to bring about a holistic approach to hurdles faced by global businesses while setting shop in domestic markets.

Grizmo Culture

At Grizmo, we place a lot of emphasis on knowledge sharing and learning and development. We create avenues for heightened collaboration and facilitate numerous knowledge sharing opportunities!

At Grizmo, we hold ourselves accountable to being as honest as possible, for we believe that it is paramount to displaying integrity at the workplace! Not to mention, we love keeping things simple- mean what you say and say what you mean!

At Grizmo, we like nice people. We believe in kindness, compassion and empathy just as much as we believe in success and efficiency. We don’t do one at the expense of the other. Also, we enjoy being around people who give us a reason to smile!

At Grizmo, we chase excellence- not perfection. We believe in being detail-oriented, systematic and we are obsessed in delivering the best customer-centric experience humanly possible! The drive to excel comes from within- across all teams, verticals and people!

At Grizmo, we believe in delivering. We acknowledge, reward and celebrate relentless zeal and ruthless passion. We are serious about understanding what motivates our team and we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to celebrating great work!

At Grizmo, be it with our clients or our teams, we understand the importance of integrating diversity and inclusion into everything that we are and into everything we do! We do not buy into the status quo and we do everything in our power to actively disrupt the same!

About Us